Staff Spotlight: Danny Hill

For this edition of our staff spotlight, let’s get to know Danny Hill a little bit better!  Danny is a shift leader on our wait staff and has been with Blueberry Hill for 6 and a 1/2 years.

Do you remembered the first time you visited Blueberry Hill? 

I came here on a date!

Favorite menu item?

Medium rare burger with blue cheese, bacon and grilled onions

Favorite drink?

Bottle of Busch beer (the photo does not lie!)

Favorite Duck Room concert you’ve attended?

Wild Cub with our general manager, Dave Kirk! They were awesome and very thankful for their fans. (Fun fact: you can spot Dave in the background of Danny’s photo!)

Favorite piece of memorabilia? 

The Little Rascals Poster

Coolest celebrity encounter?

I waited on the band Animal Collective—and they put me on the guest list for their show!

Favorite song to play on the jukebox here? 

Anything that makes the whole crew dance! It used to be Ready for the Floor by Hot Chip. Now, probably anything from Daft Punk.

Favorite tattoo? 

I have two, but my favorite is my “Share the Road” bicycle piece on my forearm. It opens up a lot of conversations about why vehicles should be respectful to cyclists on the roads.

Something people might not know about you?

I play drums in a band called the Free Years. We’re super good and a blast if you feel like going out to dance! (Check out our stories on Instagram and Facebook to see the Free Years live!)

Editor’s note: If you run into Danny, ask how he survived a near fatal snakebite…it’s a great story, but you’ve got to hear it in person!