Staff Spotlight: Christine Anson

This employee spotlight is highlighting a special member of our crew: our Geeks Who Drink host, Christine! Geeks Who Drink is a pub quiz that we began hosting in our Elvis Room every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm. Read on to learn more about Geeks Who Drink and Christine!

How long have you been a Geeks Who Drink host and how did you get started? 

I started hosting just over a year ago. A friend of mine who lives in Colorado, where Geeks Who Drink has a large presence, suggested that I audition because she thought I would like it and be a good host. I’m so glad she thought of me.

What’s your favorite thing about hosting trivia? Has anything crazy happened when you’ve hosted? 

I love my Quizzers! That may sound like pandering to the crowd, but it’s the truth. I’ve made real friends hosting for Geeks Who Drink and I love the energy at the quizzes. It’s also kind of fun to give people trouble for really, REALLY wrong answers. But the people that show up every week are why I love this job so much.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I own a flower shop in South City. I don’t have a ton of time for hobbies, honestly, but I like to read when I have some down time, and I really enjoy cooking. (I sound so boring.) I also have a dog named Scout who is a pointer mix, and a tabby cat named Apollo.

Any other fun info that no one knows about you? 

I’m really into true crime stories. I played roller derby for five years. I am the biggest Pearl Jam fan you know.

Favorite food at Blueberry Hill? 

The burger is the best!

Any fun memories of Blueberry Hill besides trivia? 

Only every show I’ve ever seen in the Duck Room! Blueberry Hill is one of my favorite small venues for music.

Why should people come and participate in Geeks Who Drink trivia? 

I love the Geeks Who Drink quiz formula: 8 rounds of 8 questions, 2 audio rounds, and a visual round, each one with a theme. The questions are fun and challenging, and hey, you get to hang out with me for 2 hours every Tuesday! Also, the prizes are pretty great, and it costs nothing to come and check it out to see if you love it as much as I do.