Did You Know?

That when Blueberry Hill opened in 1972 the only forms of non-liquid sustenance we offered were peanuts and that salty/sweet cousin of the peanut know as the Beer Nut? Not long after we got a hot dog warming machine. Then a little  while later we unveiled our first menu which featured cold cut sandwiches, served […]

Blueberry Hill News

The Blueberry Hill Cold Weather Survival Plan

  You are probably well aware that it is really, really, seriously cold in St. Louis right now.  This is the kind of cold that causes otherwise hearty St. Louisans to reflexively shout obscenities upon opening their front doors in the morning. It’s the kind of cold that makes large mammals consideration hibernation. Fight that […]

Yule Love Blueberry Hill for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you look little lights are twinkling, there is a man standing in front of the grocery store ringing a bell incessantly, and you’ve already heard “Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer” three times today.  We have officially entered the Holiday season. The Holidays mean different things to […]

Take Home a Memory!

You know that contented, carefree feeling you get when you’re in your favorite booth or on your favorite barstool at Blueberry Hill? When you’ve ordered some food and had a few sips of your drink and the jukebox is rocking and all around you people are eating and drinking and smiling and laughing? It’s a […]

It’s Patio Season!

As we speak spring is springing. Birds are chirping, the magnolias are starting to bloom, daffodils are pushing up from the thawing loam and here at Blueberry Hill our patio seating has emerged from its winter hibernation. Seasoned St. Louisans know, that spring is the fleeting prize we reap after a long cold winter, and […]

Let Us Eat Cake!

Hey, everybody! Did you know that our fair city recently celebrated its 250th birthday? It’s true: as of February 14th, 2014 the city of St. Louis has been around the sun 250 times! Amazing, right? Thankfully for all of us, the good people at stl250.org realized that to properly celebrate a 250th birthday you need […]