Your Sweetheart Awaits at Blueberry Hill

For over 41 years Blueberry Hill has been grilling St. Louis’ best hamburger and slinging cold beers to wash them down. Our burger has won pretty much every award given out in the St. Louis food world, most of them many times over. So it’s easy to understand why so many of our loyal customers order our Famous Hamburger every time they come to Blueberry Hill.

And yet we have so much more to offer. Today we would like to alert the Internet to the simple deliciousness of Blueberry Hill’s Sweetheart Sandwich. It’s a staff favorite and and unsung hero of Blueberry Hill’s menu.


Start with a quarter pound hot dog split long-ways and grilled on our flat top grill. At the last minute melt some Swiss cheese on top. Then pile on tons of crisp white onions and sandwich all that good stuff between two slices of marble rye. We serve it in a basket with chips and a pickle spear. We’d also recommend a little mustard and cold Fitz’s Root Beer for a perfect lunch.

The first time you try a Sweetheart you’ll probably find yourself wondering how this masterpiece of the sandwich arts hasn’t found its way to top of the Iconic American Sandwich List. It’s a mystery to us too! But hey, everybody loves an underdog.

Until next time!