Welcome to the Internet!


Greetings Blog enthusiasts, and welcome to the sparkling new Blueberry Hill Blog!

Today is the day we plant a flag in our special, memorabilia-filled corner of the blog-o-sphere. What can you expect from this blog? How about excitement, joy and the unexpected? Or maybe titillating behind the scenes access and sidesplitting hilarity is more your cup of tea. Even if you’re only interested in disconcertingly realistic Holograms and cheddar cheese balls we’ve got you covered.


Our modest goal is to be the best blog in the history of Blueberry Hill, to enliven the minds and fortify the spirits of our esteemed readers.

If you return often you may learn about what is new with Blueberry Hill and our staff, what’s happening in The Loop and around St.Louis, what beers we’re featuring, what the deal is with those paper-mache half-man half-goat things in the Piano Room, and anything else that tickles our fancy (a lot of things do). Is it possible that our fancy is especially ticklish?

Until next time!