Our Vintage Schlitz Lamps

It’s hard not to notice the classic Schlitz lamps illuminating our Dining Room-Blueberry Hill’s ambiance certainly would not be the same without the ten vintage lamps adorning our wooden booths.

Our restaurant would not be the same without our gold ladies! 

These vintage pieces are straight from 1971-just before our restaurant opened in 1972. The Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company is actually much older; the company was founded in the mid-1850s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Isn’t our original sign groovy? 

The timeless American lager was served when our restaurant opened (and when we just served hot dogs and peanuts!). Despite a break in the making of this delicious beer, we are proud to serve its classic 1960s formula in bottles today!

With the cool fall weather, there’s no better time to enjoy a beer inside a cozy booth. Mention this post and receive a dollar off of ANY beer on our menu!