The Blueberry Hill Blog’s Memorabilia Spotlight #1

Yes, Blueberry Hill serves one of the best burgers in St. Louis. And Chuck Berry plays here once a month. We’ve got dart boards, cold beer and stiff drinks. We also have just about everything else.  Including these stately dolls.


Following a quick and haphazard selection process these dolls got the honor of being featured in the very first installment of The Blueberry Hill Blog’s Memorabilia Spotlight. The Memorabilia Spotlight will be a recurring feature of this blog where we pull an item (or two) from the Blueberry Hill collection and give ’em a little shine time on the Internet.

Sharing the inaugural spotlight are none other than Beverly Hill’s 90210’s Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay. These two California dudes (as portrayed by Jason Priestly and Luke Perry) did their best to bring back sideburns in the 1990s and for that we salute them! For a closer look at Brandon and Dylan and the rest of the 90210 gang, check them out at there permanent residence in a display case in the Piano Room hallway. They live above the Spice Girls.



Until next time!