The Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight #3: Dart Room-o-saurus

For this edition of The Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight our quick and haphazard memorabilia selection process takes us into the Dart Room and back to the Mesozoic Era. That is where you will find one of the crown jewels of our not-strictly-authentic-taxidermy collection. Immediately to the left of the door into the Dart Room, above the change machine, resides this bad boy.


Be honest, have you ever seen a more beautifully preserved specimen? Especially considering that this impressive reptile is presumably between 65 and 230 million years old! When word first got out amongst the staff that Blueberry Hill was getting a dinosaur many of us were expecting that it would be bigger. Perhaps this particular specimen was a juvenile, I guess there is no way to know for sure until we finally hire that staff paleontologist we’ve been looking for.

Next time you’re in Blueberry Hill be sure and take a moment to check out the Dart Room-o-sauras and our display case of more well known dinosaurs!

dinosaurs 2

dinosaurs 3

Until next time!