Staff Spotlight: Rachel Economou

rachel economou

Today we’re profiling bar staff assistant manager Rachel Economou.


Favorite Menu Item:
The Special Sandwich


Favorite Drink:
Summer Fling


Favorite Duck Room concert:


Favorite piece of memorabilia:
The Giant Eland – right above the entrance to the left side of the bar. It has such a judgmental start – I like its attitude.


Best celeb encounter:
Nathaniel Radcliff stopped by after Chuck Berry’s funeral. He posed for pictures with the bar staff and was a cool dude.


Most unusual customer request:
One time a customer didn’t seem to know what a lemon was. I had to describe a lemon to a grown man.


Do you remember the first time you visited Blueberry Hill? 
Right after I moved to St. Louis, my girlfriend and I stopped by for drinks. We didn’t realize how the strong the drinks were and got pretty tipsy!


Something random about you most people don’t know:
I’ve got Pi memorized 25 places after the decimal. I memorized it in 7th grade for extra credit and never forgot it.


Number of tattoos:
I have ten. My favorite might be a Chimera from Greek mythology that I have on my leg.


Favorite song to play on the jukebox:
“When Doves Cry” by Prince