Staff Spotlight: Jackie Hamilton

jackie hamilton

Enjoy our spot light on Jackie Hamilton who is a fantastic server on our wait staff!


Favorite Menu Item: Chicken wings!


Favorite drink to order at Blueberry Hill: Busch bottle and Blueberry bomb shot


Best Duck Room concert: Aaron Carter!


Favorite piece of memorabilia:

The old bar! (Editors note: Our solid mahogany bar/backbar is over 135 years old. It was built in North Saint Louis in the 1800s and was eventually used at Messler’s Bar on Cherokee Street from the 1940s til the 60s. It was purchased by Joe and Linda Edwards and was in place for Blueberry Hill’s opening on September 8, 1972.)


Best celebrity encounter since working here: I met Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips at Pin Up Bowl down the street and had a drink with him! Close runner up is Andre 3000 from Outkast.


Something random about you most people don’t know: I have a collection of around 50 vintage cameras of all styles.


Favorite song to play on our jukebox?

Last Christmas by Wham!


Number of tattoos and favorite? I currently have five, but I feel like my favorite is one I’m getting this month—on August 21st I’m getting a solar eclipse themed tattoo by Justin Lamareux from Iron Age Studio in the Loop. He is going to ink me at the Moonrise Hotel Rooftop to commemorate the solar eclipse. I’m super pumped.