Staff Spotlight: Horace Samuel Kemp III “Sam”

Sam Kemp

Today we’re spotlighting wait staff shift leader Horace Samuel Kemp III, otherwise known as Sam.


How long have you worked here? 

5 years


Favorite menu item? 



Favorite beverage?

PBR can


Favorite Duck Room band you’ve seen perform?

Breakmouth Annie (Fun fact: Fellow Blueberry Hill employees Bob Monroe and Josh VanHoorebeke are members of Breakmouth Annie!)


Favorite memorabilia and why?

All of the comics displayed through the restaurant. You could say I’m a bit of a comic book fan.


Best celeb encounter:

Waited on John Mulaney (comedian)


First time you visited Blueberry Hill? 

Came here for the first time with my Mom when I was 13 – I remember the great burgers.


What’s something random about you?

I compulsively flip a coin (a 1979 Kennedy Half dollar to be exact) when on shift.


Secret to Blueberry Hill’s success?

Uniqueness. Authenticity. A casual cool that corporations would have to spend millions of dollars to cultivate.