Staff Spotlight: Andrea Fridley

Andrea Fridley staff photo
Today we’re spotlighting our wonderful assistant wait manager Andrea Fridley!
Favorite menu item:
Right now-vegan vegetable soup.
Best Duck Room concert/musical guest:
Most fun experience was dancing on stage with Chuck Berry with coworkers and other concertgoers-definitely a one-of-a-kind experience I’m grateful to have.
Favorite piece of memorabilia:
Hard to choose just one-I really love the Simpsons collection.
Best celeb encounter:
Waiting on Kevin Spacey-he was incredibly nice and stayed late to sign autographs for customers
First time you ever visited BBH (prior to working there):
A friend’s band played a show in the Duck Room-it was a great night
# of tattoos:
Just one tattoo
Favorite song on the jukebox:
Anything upbeat
What do you think the secret to BBH’s success is?
Great atmosphere with good drinks and food-the perfect place to gather with friends.