More Than Just Hot Air


You are standing in the verdant green of one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in the country. A warm early fall breeze brushes across the afternoon. Amongst the happy families and assembled humanity, you drink in the bursting colors of scores of half-filled hot air balloons.

The throaty scream of one, then dozens of powerful gas burners announce the imminent start of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. As the launch approaches, balloons ripen before your eyes, attaining their full size, itching to leave gravity behind.

Finally The Hare can wait no longer and gently takes to the sky. Thirty minutes later, as the rest follow suit, the sky seems to be wearing polka dots of every color. Slowly, calmly, the balloons drift away, eventually fading from sight. As the ground crews load up their trailers you realize that all this balloon racing has stirred a hunger inside you. Lucky for you Blueberry Hill is only minutes away.

Be sure and join us this weekend before or after The Great Forest Park Balloon Race!