Memorabilia Spotlight #2 (huh-huh huh huh… #2)

For this edition of The Blueberry Hill Blog’s Memorabilia Spotlight we were able to forgo our normal quick and haphazard memorabilia selection process and just listen to our gut.  For #2 could there be a more obviously appropriate item from the Blueberry Hill Collection than this?

Beavis TP

Why yes, that is Beavis and Butthead branded toilet paper.  Straight from a Spencer’s Gifts in the mid-1990s comes one of the most brilliant licensed products we have ever seen! It’s making us giggle just looking at it!

Next time you’re in Blueberry Hill be sure and check out this veritable pinnacle of product licensing and its brethren (Beavis and Butthead mousepad anyone?) in their regular home display case in the Pac Man Room.