Meet Motorcycle Mike

Hello again Blueberry Hill Blog fans!

Please allow us to introduce you to one of our beloved regulars: around here he goes by the name Motorcycle Mike. Next time you’re walking in to Blueberry Hill take a moment to look for a Black Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle parked out front. If you see one, odds are Motorcycle Mike is holding down his regular bar stool on the old side of the bar.


On a recent sunny afternoon at Blueberry Hill the BBH blog staff conducted a short interview with Motorcycle Mike to give you a little peak inside the mind of the man behind the motorcycle.

BBH Blog: When was the first time you ever came to Blueberry Hill?

Motorcycle Mike: 1972. I wasn’t here for opening night, but I came very early on with my best friend. This place was our St. Elmo’s Fire.

BBH Blog: When did you secure your status as a Blueberry Hill Regular?

Motorcycle Mike: Well, I’ve been coming in pretty regularly since 1972, but around 1998 I switched from sitting at a table to sitting at the bar. At the bar I interact with the staff more. I think around that time I became a true regular.

BBH Blog: What do you like about Blueberry Hill? What keeps you coming back?

Motorcycle Mike: The staff here makes me feel at home. That and the pour. My wife Mary and I like to bring our dog and sit on the patio in the nice weather. Blueberry Hill is just a great place where I feel very welcome and at home.

BBH Blog: What is your favorite thing on the menu?

Motorcycle Mike: Most of the time I get a 7oz Cheeseburger with the scoop cheddar. I also love the Trout Almondine!

BBH Blog: How Long have you been riding motorcycles?

Motorcycle Mike: 43 years! My wife and I got married in 1972 (the same year Blueberry Hill opened) and with some of the money we received at the wedding I bought my first bike, a 1970 BSA lightning 650.

BBH Blog: Other than your own, what is your favorite bike that you see at Blueberry Hill?

Motorcycle Mike: Anthony on the wait staff has my dream bike. It’s a 2006 Harley Softail Deluxe. He let me ride it one time, which was nice of him since most Harley guys won’t let anyone touch their bikes.

BBH Blog: Have you ever had any close encounters with celebrities at Blueberry Hill?

Motorcycle Mike: Yes! I’ve seen John Goodman and Sinead O’conner. They both seemed very nice.

BBH Blog: Let’s finish with a memorable Blueberry Hill moment.

Motorcycle Mike: The Blueberry Hill 40th Anniversary (September 8, 2012) was one of the best nights of my life. My wife and I were married in 1972, the same year Blueberry Hill opened, so we celebrated our 40th anniversary at Blueberry Hill’s 40th anniversary party. We felt like part of the family. It was great!