Let Us Eat Cake!

Hey, everybody! Did you know that our fair city recently celebrated its 250th birthday? It’s true: as of February 14th, 2014 the city of St. Louis has been around the sun 250 times! Amazing, right?

Thankfully for all of us, the good people at stl250.org realized that to properly celebrate a 250th birthday you need a lot of cake! So they went ahead and had 250 cakes made and decorated by St. Louis artists and then spread them all around town. Three of these cakes have recently arrived in The Loop. Including one right outside Blueberry Hill’s front door!


Now before you grab your party hat and a large spoon and run out of the house looking for a sugar fix, let us warn you that these stl250 cakes are regrettably more sculptural than edible.

St. Louis Walk of Fame Cake in Chuck Berry Plaza

We know in our hearts that if it weren’t for the myriad health and safety concerns implicit with leaving giant sugary baked goods unattended in the out of doors for the better part of a year, these cakes would be made from actual cake.

Vincent Price Cake at the Tivoli Theater

On the bright side, Blueberry Hill serves several varieties of cake that are not only one hundred percent edible, they’re one hundred percent delectable!

Blueberry Hill’s Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake à la Mode

So if you find yourself strolling through The Loop some sunny afternoon admiring St. Louis’ birthday cakes and your sweet tooth gets the best of you, come on in to Blueberry Hill where you can have your cake and eat it too!

Blueberry Hill’s Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

Happy Birthday St. Louis!