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Natalie Huggins

Saturday, June 18, 2022
Duck Room
Doors open at 7pm
Show starts at 8pm
$10 in Advance/
$12 DOS
All Ages
$2 Minor Surcharge at Door (Under 21/Cash Only)

COVID-19 Entry Requirements
Vaccination Proof/Test: Not Required
Mask: Optional

Set times:
Natalie Huggins – 9:30pm
Middle Class Fashion – 8:45pm
Pretty Talk – 8pm
Doors – 7pm
*Set times are approximate and subject to change

* * * *

Healing. Helping. A haunting hell of a good time. Part sage, part sprite, singer/songwriter Natalie Huggins is known for sensual, nostalgic compositions that somehow make the listener feel as though their feet are grounded in the loveliest, woodsiest soil while their head is taking flight and soaring somewhere else altogether.

The power of Natalie’s songs lies in their open-endedness–in their ability to connect the listener to the parts of themselves they can’t yet see and reveal a truer version of themselves. As a child, Natalie was gripped by the process of songwriting and by her ability to connect with listeners, offering them an escape, a companion, a dream. Composing, singing, and playing guitar and piano since childhood, Natalie’s work is heavily informed by Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benetar, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork, Tori Amos, and PJ Harvey. A St. Louis native, she has performed and recorded with numerous artists and projects in the area including Summer Magic, Joan of Dark, The Bureau, Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra, Wax Wine, and more.

Her first full-length album, “Split Oceans” is scheduled for release [coming soon]. A collaborative effort between Huggins and producer Kevin Bachmann, the project began in August 2016 and is a long-awaited culmination of Natalie’s growth and experiences over the past decade. A representation of Natalie herself, the album is powerful, nostalgic, sparkly, and sensual. The album teems with relatable themes including the cycles of relationships, grief and loss, isolation in the modern world, and love and forgiveness.

Writing and performing music brings Natalie’s personality and thoughts to life at their clearest, most elemental form. In performing, her diverse purposes all come together, bringing Natalie to the truest version of herself. She hopes the same is true for her audience–that in listening, they can discover the nostalgia, joy, wonder, and clarity they’re looking for.

Natalie Huggins is a singer-songwriter, instructor, and entrepreneur from St. Louis Missouri.

She has over 19 years of experience in teaching music to kids & teens through creative piano & voice lessons in her business, Miss Natalie’s Piano and Vocal Studio, and previously in pre-K & elementary schools.

She is an accomplished singer/songwriter & musician playing in numerous bands and has created multiple recordings for herself & with others.

Check out her music HERE

Recently she created The Songwriter’s Process to encourage self-discovery & the art of songwriting through courses, workshops, & coaching for those seeking a lifestyle in music.

Natalie uses a holistic approach to nurturing musicianship focusing on the individual needs of the musician’s mind, body, and spirit. These principles are rooted in her years of experience as a musician, as a certified yoga instructor, and passion for personal growth & continuing her education.

She holds a B.A. in Music with an emphasis in piano in voice from Webster University where she specialized in private piano and vocal lessons, music business, and history.

She continues to learn from organizations on business, mindset, resource training from organizations like Vibrant Music Teaching & the SpeakEasy Cooperative.

In her free time, she is usually roller skating, dancing, weightlifting, practicing yoga, watching Outlander or Netflix documentaries. She is a loving mother to her 11 year old son, Isaac.

For more information on her music, testimonials, and newsletter click here.

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