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Saturday, April 15, 2017
Duck Room
Doors open at 8PM
Show starts at 9PM
$10 Cover Price

Insane Analog started as a local hip-hop project by frontman Patric Brown. One EP and album later with Patric writing all the material, Insane Analog has grown into a full band with drummer Cory Laneman (Novella/Tear Out The Heart) and bassist Steve Jodlowski (The Dreamscene) and other rotating members.

Insane Analog mixes in different genres sonically but stays rooted in a high energy live show that everyone can enjoy. “Honestly, I just want people to come to our shows and lose their minds” says Patric. “Sing along with us, dance with us, do shots with us between songs. We feed off of crowd energy and try to give it back tenfold until it’s just out of control.”


Dinofight is face-melting fantasycore punk rock with melodic sensibilities. Catch their 3rd release, Warrior Princess at your local record store or in real life at the show! Prepare to thrash, nerds!

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Will I be able to sit down?

Some shows have limited seating (or no seating) on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don't worry, though – you will want to be on your feet once the music starts!

Are shows wheelchair accessible?

All shows at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room are wheelchair accessible via an elevator in the Piano Room hallway. (Please call us 24 hours in advance to coordinate.) A small percentage of shows are in the Elvis Room, which is not accessible.

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