Did You Know?

That when Blueberry Hill opened in 1972 the only forms of non-liquid sustenance we offered were peanuts and that salty/sweet cousin of the peanut know as the Beer Nut? Not long after we got a hot dog warming machine. Then a little  while later we unveiled our first menu which featured cold cut sandwiches, served with “a few broken potato chips.”  The next step was truly a giant leap, as we outfitted a tiny kitchen with a grill and St. Louis’ Best Burger was born.

In the intervening years, our menu has grown steadily; new items were created and canonized as staples of the St. Louis restaurant world. We like to think that we have something for everyone, from homemade soups to red beans and rice, wings, fried appetizers, deserts, big salads, trout almondine, breakfast all day, and enough delicious sandwiches to cripple you with indecision.

Did you know that on top of all that we offer a daily special? It’s true. And they taste great! Today we have Philly Cheesesteak Sliders. Tomorrow it might be Shrimp Sara, Chicken Major Grey, a Breakfast Quesadilla, or a Meatloaf Plate.

Next time you walk in to Blueberry Hill, take a glance at our specials board or ask your server about our daily special. If you can pry yourself away from your long-time favorite menu item we’ll have something new and tasty for you to try!

baked tilapia dailypasta daily

philly cheese streak sliders meatloaf daily

See you soon!