CHEERS! Celebrate Repeal Day at Blueberry Hill

blueberry hill memorabilia cheers beer tray

Blueberry Hill invites you to come celebrate Repeal Day in the only way that truly makes sense – by enjoying some adult beverages! This Saturday, get a Pabst Blue Ribbon draught and a shot of whiskey FOR ONLY $5!
PBR beer and whiskey shot at Blueberry Hill

Prohibition of alcohol began in the 1920s and lasted 13 long years, until thankfully the 21st Amendment was passed December 5, 1933. Prohibition was repealed, Americans were given back their constitutional right to consume alcohol, and we are given a reason to celebrate our right to party on Repeal Day every year!


Besides having plenty of beverages on hand to cheers to Repeal Day, Blueberry Hill also has plenty of alcohol-related memorabilia to take a gander at while imbibing. For instance, this vintage Jim Beam St. Louis decanter is from the 1960s.


vintage Jim Beam decanter at Blueberry Hill

We also have a wide variety of beer trays on display from different eras in America.

Miller High Life vintage beer tray at Blueberry Hill

Fear's beer vintage beer treaty at Blueberry Hill

vintage beer tray at Blueberry Hill

So come on in, and enjoy the one holiday where you don’t need to buy presents, put together a costume, or cook a huge meal – all you have to do is relax with a drink! Cheers!