Memorabilia Spotlight #2 (huh-huh huh huh… #2)

For this edition of The Blueberry Hill Blog’s Memorabilia Spotlight we were able to forgo our normal quick and haphazard memorabilia selection process and just listen to our gut.  For #2 could there be a more obviously appropriate item from the Blueberry Hill Collection than this? Why yes, that is Beavis and Butthead branded toilet paper. […]

Welcome to the Internet!

Greetings Blog enthusiasts, and welcome to the sparkling new Blueberry Hill Blog! Today is the day we plant a flag in our special, memorabilia-filled corner of the blog-o-sphere. What can you expect from this blog? How about excitement, joy and the unexpected? Or maybe titillating behind the scenes access and sidesplitting hilarity is more your […]