Blueberry Hill and Joe Edwards…Featured in Archie Comics!

Did you know that Joe Edwards met Archie and Jughead…in person? Well, at least he did in print in the Archie’s Pals and Gals Comic Book in 1989!



Displayed in our Dining Room, the Archie “Car Quest West” story features Saint Louis, Blueberry Hill, and our fearless owner, Joe!


Archie is searching for his lost vehicle, “Betsy,” in our great city. However, it turns out to be Joe’s beautiful beauty, “Mississippi Belle.” Despite the mix-up, Joe wishes Archie and Jughead good wishes on their journey-and is forever immortalized in the classic comic book.

Here are some close ups of the fun story…and our fantastic Blue Hill!


View this incredible piece of this Americana at Blueberry Hill-maybe you’ll even see Joe driving one of his classic cars around the Delmar Loop!