Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight #5: Redd Foxx You Big Dummy!

Hello devoted Blueberry Hill Blog fans!

We are back with another edition of the Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight. This time around, after our signature quick and haphazard selection process, the spotlight has landed on a native St. Louisan and the king of the explicit party record. You may know him best as TV’s Fred Sanford, or by his given name John Elroy Sanford, but the name he chose for himself was Redd Foxx.


It is certainly a great honor to have your likeness captured in the form of commemorative bobblehead doll. It’s unclear whether it is a greater, lesser, or equal honor to being inducted into the St. Louis Walk of Fame and having a brass star and informational bronze plaque laid into the hallowed concrete of the sidewalks of Delmar Boulevard. Redd would be the perfect person to ask about this particular hierarchy of accolades, alas he has gone to a better place. At least we have plenty to remember him by!

Next time you are in The Loop check out Redd’s star on the Walk of Fame (6331 Delmar) and then pop in Blueberry Hill and see his bobblehead doll in a case in the Dart Room. You’ll see him nodding along with his old pals Hef and Mr. Bill!


Until next time!