Blueberry Hill Blog Memorabilia Spotlight #4: Mystical Advisors

Being alive and conscious in the world is at once a great privilege and an enormous responsibility. With existence comes countless questions and unending opportunities to make decisions that will shape your every future moment. Kinda heavy, right?

Well fear not, If you find yourself daunted by the choices you are forced to make in your daily life, the American toy industry offers at least two products designed to assist you in your decision making process. These two infinitely useful tools are counted among Blueberry Hill’s extensive pop culture memorabilia collection and are at the center of this edition the Blueberry Hill Blog’s Memorabilia Spotlight.

Behold, Zoltar Speaks


And The Magic 8-Ball


Both of these soothsayers promise the answers to your most pressing existential questions, so long as they phrased as yes or no questions.

Will I ever find the meaning of life? “Cannot predict now”

Is Blueberry Hill’s Famous 7oz Hamburger the best in St. Louis?  “All signs point to yes”

The only problem as we see it is who to trust? Zoltar or the Magic 8-Ball? Maybe both? What if they disagree?

There is only one way to settle this.


Until next time!