Check out our MASSIVE Simpsons collection!

If you’ve been in Blueberry Hill, it’s hard to miss our giant Simpsons collection! Our giant display case filled to the entryway is filled with everything from figurines to Pez dispensers…not to mention rare items like Valentine’s Day cards and Christmas ornaments. The Simpsons have been a part of American culture for over 30 years […]

Staff Spotlight: Christine Anson

This employee spotlight is highlighting a special member of our crew: our Geeks Who Drink host, Christine! Geeks Who Drink is a pub quiz that we began hosting in our Elvis Room every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm. Read on to learn more about Geeks Who Drink and Christine! How long have you been a […]

Our Vintage Schlitz Lamps

It’s hard not to notice the classic Schlitz lamps illuminating our Dining Room-Blueberry Hill’s ambiance certainly would not be the same without the ten vintage lamps adorning our wooden booths. Our restaurant would not be the same without our gold ladies!  These vintage pieces are straight from 1971-just before our restaurant opened in 1972. The […]

Staff Spotlight: Tawaine Noah

Meet Tawaine Noah – part of our Wait Staff who is also a part of the local St. Louis music scene!   Do you remember the first time you visited Blueberry Hill? I came in with some bandmates for a meeting/hangout and fell in love with the buffalo fries (duh!)   Favorite menu item? Western […]