Staff Spotlight: Jessica Urso – “Jess”

Jessica Urso

Today we’re featuring wait staff member Jessica “Jess” Urso. You may know her from our website’s homepage photo of people enjoying our food. Or from her friendly presence in the restaurant.

How long have you worked here?

Since July 2016

Favorite menu item?
Gazpacho or rare burgers…or fish and chips…it’s hard to pick!
Favorite beverage?
Jim Beam neat
Favorite Duck Room guest?
So far? Voodoo Glow Skulls. I love ska!
Favorite piece of memorabila and why?
The hippo in the dining room – mainly because a customer called it a rhinoceros once!
Best celeb encounter
The staff at Blueberry Hill (editor’s note – awwww!)
Do you remember the first time you visited Blueberry Hill?
I went on a lunch date with my son. Dave (our wait staff general manager) was our server
What’s something random about you?
My right nostril always seems to be itchy!
What do you think is the secret to Blueberry Hill’s success?
Our end-of-shift staff drink – I really think it boosts morale!