Our Vintage Schlitz Lamps

It’s hard not to notice the classic Schlitz lamps illuminating our Dining Room-Blueberry Hill’s ambiance certainly would not be the same without the ten vintage lamps adorning our wooden booths. Our restaurant would not be the same without our gold ladies!  These vintage pieces are straight from 1971-just before our restaurant opened in 1972. The […]

joe edwards in front of blueberry hill sign wishing chuck berry happy birthday

Happy 90th Birthday Chuck Berry!

Blueberry Hill and Joe Edwards want to wish Chuck Berry a happy 90th birthday! He’s a legend and we are honored he played 209 consecutive monthly concerts at Blueberry Hill. He last played in the Duck Room on the week of his 88th birthday. Joe tells the story of how the Blueberry Hill concerts came to be: […]

Did You Know?

That when Blueberry Hill opened in 1972 the only forms of non-liquid sustenance we offered were peanuts and that salty/sweet cousin of the peanut know as the Beer Nut? Not long after we got a hot dog warming machine. Then a little  while later we unveiled our first menu which featured cold cut sandwiches, served […]

Meet Motorcycle Mike

Hello again Blueberry Hill Blog fans! Please allow us to introduce you to one of our beloved regulars: around here he goes by the name Motorcycle Mike. Next time you’re walking in to Blueberry Hill take a moment to look for a Black Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle parked out front. If you see one, odds […]

A Groundbreaking Groundbreaking

Come one, come all to what is surely the premiere Thursday mid-day event in the proximate future. Do you enjoy Festivities? Music? Public transportation? Toy excavators? Marching bands? If you answered yes to even one of these questions and are looking for a historic and fun event to attend then merrily make your way to […]

Let Us Eat Cake!

Hey, everybody! Did you know that our fair city recently celebrated its 250th birthday? It’s true: as of February 14th, 2014 the city of St. Louis has been around the sun 250 times! Amazing, right? Thankfully for all of us, the good people at stl250.org realized that to properly celebrate a 250th birthday you need […]